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Does the US have influenza pandemic plans?

The bird flu was discovered in the late 1990’s and has decimated domestic bird populations in several Asian countries. Since the outbreak the United States has developed a national strategy for pandemic influenza should an outbreak occur Stateside. Influenza pandemic plans have been formulated at the local, regional and national level. cities have not happened due to the implementation of avian influenza pandemic plans put in place by the government. A ban on all birds, bird products, and poultry from infected regions has been in place since 2004. Stockpiles of the bird flu vaccine have been housed in the United States as another part of the bird flu influenza pandemic plans.

Influenza Pandemic Plans

There have only been a few hundred human deaths from bird flu worldwide. Most people who have contracted it have not survived which is part of the reason the national strategy for pandemic influenza were created. Bird flu cases in United States history will likely remain at zero because of the effective bird flu influenza pandemic plans in place.

Some people believe there has been too much media attention put on bird flu and point out that there have not been many deaths. One of the reasons for the widespread media attention and fear is the fact that some experts believe the influenza strain could mutate and spread more easily to humans. Such a mutation has yet to occur but should it happen an outbreak in the United States is far less likely to occur because of the bird flu influenza pandemic plans.

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